Wednesday, 26 January 2011

First Alert! - Area 51

As you all know I've recently switched from World of Warcraft to DC universe online, and I thought it'd make sense if I kept my role as a healer.

Once you hit level 11 you get the chance to sign up for an Alert (4 man instances) called Area 51. Upon entering you are accompanied by three other players, if your lucky you will get a tank, dps and a controller (Crowd Control) but you may just get three dps which to be honest doesn't matter at this level. Differing from the usual MMORPG trash mobs, boss, trash mobs, final boss strategy you must complete certain tasks to move on within the alert. such as destroy fifteen power cores, rescue ten marines or kill X amount of trash mobs. After completing the set amount of tasks for each area a boss shall appear which can be a bit challenging if your healing is not 100% as you are still learning but upon defeating a certain amount of mini bosses and tasks the final boss is revealed which in Area 51's case is Prime Servitor - a challenging fight for level 11's but easily solo-able at level 20-30, aslong as you conserve your power and keep up a high combo meter you healing should be fine, you may wish to bring some extra cola bottles, just in case your team receives high AoE damage.

And there we have it a brief description on what an Alert is and how to heal it :-D

Monday, 24 January 2011

Basic information about Naturalist healers.

Nature healing is currently one of the most powerful area of effect healers within the game, due to pheromones; it occurs whenever you use a power with the Pheromones effect it will spread an Area Effect, Heal over Time on allies within a certain range. Certain powers take use of Pheromones to add in their healing, more specifically Blossom.

Both shape shifting and plant talent trees offer viable healing sides, yet to unlock a naturalist's true potential as a raid healer you must form a hybrid spec.  I don't like comparing classes to other games but this seems to be a lot like World of Warcaft's Druid class, due to all the HoT's and shape shifting.

The best transport choice to me seems to be running speed as later on you receive flight form, but in PvP it seems to be more viable to be Flight.

The Order I'd choose my talents if I started again would be:

  1. Vinelash - starting talent in the Plant talent tree.
  2. Blossom - it heals for more than metabolism and seems to cost the same amount of power.
  3. Roar - starting talent in the shape shifting talent tree.
  4. Metabolism
  5. Pterosaurs form - this is more of a filler power as it is required to unlock Insectoid form and later Hive mind.
  6. Regeneration
  7. Insectoid form - pre-req for Hive mind.
  8. Hive mind!

So Good luck on your new Naturalist healer and I hope to see you on DCUO!

Keep checking back for more news on Naturalist healers.